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Common Spiders of North America

Spiders of North America

Solifugidae: Er

Featured Taxon - Order Solifugae: Eremobates pallipes by Jerry Rovner

The solifugids are also known as camel spiders, wind scorpions and sun spiders. Most live in desert, semi-desert, scrub or grassland habitats in the tropics or semitropics. They feed mainly on termites, darkling beetles and other small arthropods, but have been known to take small vertebrates. There are more than 1000 described species in 153 genera. While their chelicerae can deliver a painful nip, they are not venomous.

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Ev Schlinger

Ev Schlinger - Evert Schlinger died on October 8, 2014. Ev's specialty was the Acroceridae, flies that are the obligate parasitoids of spiders. In studying their biogeography and systematics, Ev collected and reared thousands of immature spiders from around the world. Those spiders that became adults often found their way into major collections and then into revisionary works. Even before his professional career, Ev had a strong interest in spiders. As a teenager he was acknowledged for his contributions in the main text of two papers published in the 1940s. At U.C. Berkeley, Ev was on the dissertation committees for several arachnologists including Matt Greenstone, Ken Yeargan, Jack Fraser and Sue Hydhorn. He was the major professor for Mike Bentzien, Charles Griswold and Lenny Vincent. Ev further contributed to Arachnology through the Schlinger Foundation, which endowed a chair in Arachnology at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco and a chair in systematics at Berkeley held by Rosie Gillespie. (Obituary provided by Lenny Vincent - a personal tribute by Mike Irwin is available here.)




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Header Images: Opilionid by Joe Warfel, Lynx Spider by Brian Reynolds, Lasiochernes cretonatus Pseudoscorpion by Anon.

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