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Header Images: Opilionid by Joe Warfel, Lynx Spider by Brian Reynolds, Lasiochernes cretonatus Pseudoscorpion by Anonymous.

Journal of Arachnology 47:1 Cover


The Journal of Arachnology

Volume 47 Number 1


Invited Review


Chemical communication in spiders – a methodological review by Andreas Fischer pp1-27

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Featured Articles


Seasonal variation in sexual behavior and web aggregation in a little-known long-jawed spider (Tetragnatha straminea) (Araneae: Tetragnathidae) by Victoria Simkovic and Maydianne C. B. Andrade pp 28-36

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Niche segregation in Iberian Argiope species by Pablo Peña-Aguilera, Lidia Burguillo-Madrid, Vijay Barve, Pedro Aragón and Alberto Jiménez-Valverde pp 37-44

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Trophic niche and capture efficacy of an ant-eating spider, Euryopis episinoides (Araneae: Theridiidae) by Eva Líznarová and Stano Pekár pp 45-51

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Sperm viability in spiders: a first approach using Holocnemus pluchei (Scopoli, 1763) (Synspermiata: Pholcidae) by Franco Cargnelutti, Diego Uñates, David E. Vrech, Fedra Bollatti, Lucia Calbacho-Rosa, Alex Córdoba-Aguilar and Alfredo V. Peretti pp 52-56

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Radius construction by Micrathena duodecimspinosa (Araneae: Arandeidae): a puzzle within a puzzle by William Eberhard pp 57-62

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A revision of the white-headed spiny trapdoor spiders of the genus Euoplos (Mygalomorphae: Idiopidae: Arbanitinae): a remarkable lineage of rare mygalomorph spiders from the south-western Australian biodiversity hotspot by Michael G. Rix, Jeremy D. Wilson and Mark S. Harvey pp 63-76

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Revision of the spider genus Rischaschia Makhan, 2006 (Araneae: Salticidae) by Gustavo R. S. Ruiz and Felipe N. A. A. Rego pp 77-83

A review of the pseudoscorpion genus Metawithius (Pseudoscorpiones: Withiidae) from the Indian subcontinent by Jithin Johnson, Catalina Romero-Ortiz, Aneesh V. Mathwe, Pothalil A. Sebastian, Mathew M. Josepfh and Mark S. Harvey pp 84-94

Two new species of pseudoscorpions (Arachnida: Pseudoscorpiones) from a Mexican oak forest near Pico de Orizaba National Park by Dulce F. Piedra-Jiménez, Fernando Alvarez-Padilla and Edmundo González-Santillán pp 95-109

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Distribution of cave-dwelling pseudoscorpions (Arachnida) in Brazil by Diego Monteiro Von Schimonsky and Maria Elina Bichuette pp 110-123

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The status of the pseudoscorpion genus Indogarypus Beier, 1957 with new descriptions of three species of Geogarypus Chamberlin, 1930 (Arachnida: Pseudoscorpiones: Geogarypidae) by János Novák and Mark S. Harvey pp 124-131

Stridulation by cosmetid harvestman (Arachnida: Opiliones) by Victor R. Townsend Jr., Leticia Classen-Rodriguez, Trevor J. Maloney and Michael K. Moore pp 132-141

A new critically endangered species of the harvestman genus Lola Kratochvil, 1937 (Opiliones: Laniatores: Phalangodidae) from the Dalmatian karst, with notes on troglomorphy in European phalangodids by Darrel Ubick and Roman Ozimec pp 142-153

Short Communications

Notes on the feeding habits of the Okinawan fishing spider, Dolomedes orion (Araneae: Pisauridae), in the southwestern islands of Japan by Yuki G. Baba, Yuya Watari, Masahiro Nishi and Takeshi Sasaki pp 154-158

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Avoidance of rosemary oil by scorpions by Sara Kelley, Katy Yut, Ritu Kulkarni and Douglas D. Gaffin pp 159-161

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 posted April 20, 2019