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Header Images: Opilionid by Joe Warfel, Lynx Spider by Brian Reynolds, Lasiochernes cretonatus Pseudoscorpion by Anonymous.

AAS Meetings

2021 Virtual Meeting of the American Arachnological Society (June 24 to June 30)

The 2021 Annual meeting of the American Arachnological Society will be held virtually, and the dates of the meeting are June 24 to June 30, 2021. While it is within the realm of possibilities that the vaccine would allow us to have an in person meeting in 2021, contingency planning would be a nightmare for our hosts at UC Davis. Rather, we will put our energy toward planning a Virtual Meeting that will be easily accessible and rich with scientific programming and community opportunities. While we are disappointed to not be able to meet in person, we are happy to have a way to come together and excited about the expansion of experiences and inclusivity that the virtual format can facilitate. Look for details about dates and structure for that meeting in the coming weeks.



Future Meetings

"Storyfication" of Past Meetings by Nina Sandlin

Nina Sandlin live-tweeted conferences and compiled the tweets in a "story" of the proceedings for these meetings.


Recent Past Meetings

2015 Mitchell, South Dakota - snapshots (contact jack@owicki.com about their use)

2016 Golden, Colorado - Paula Cushing

2017 Querétaro, Juriquilla, Mexico - Fernando Álvarez Padilla

2018 Ypsilanti, Michigan - Cara Shillington

2019 Lexington, Virginia - Nadia Ayoub

2020 AAS Virtual Summer Symposium - Greta Binford, Mercedes Burns, Lisa Chamberland and Jeremy McWilliams