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Agelenopsis by Jerry RovnerAgelenopsis or funnel weaver by Jerry Rovner

Antrodiaetes by Brian ReynoldsAntrodiaetes or Folding Door spider by Brian Reynolds

Header Images: Opilionid by Joe Warfel, Lynx Spider by Brian Reynolds, Lasiochernes cretonatus Pseudoscorpion by Anonymous.

North American Spiders

(north of Mexico)


This page is an attempt to provide a list of valid names for the spiders (Araneae) which occur in North America north of Mexico. The list has been compiled by a committee of volunteer contributors of the American Arachnological Society (Spiders of North America Check-list Committee). As a version of each family list becomes available at this site its name will be highlighted; indicating a link to the draft list. The committee is most interested in receiving suggestions or corrections. Please direct these questions to Richard Bradley.

The following list of families is adapted from the list provided in the World Spider Catalog Version 16. The main purpose of a page such as the current one is to provide information on the names currently in use in the most convenient form; thus the list of families, genera, and species are presented in alphabetic order.

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How to use this site

To find a particular name you should first select the family to which you believe the spider belongs and scan the list for the "candidate" name you are checking. If you do not find the name quickly; use the "find-in-page" or Find (on-this-page) function (under the Edit pulldown menu with your browser) searching for the species' name. Try a search without the name's ending as this might change with the name of the older generic assignment. For example, Acanthepeira venusta (Banks, 1896) was at one time listed as Araneus venustus. If you search under "venust" you would locate both names. In this way you may locate the current name.

Because our taxonomic knowledge is constantly changing, species may be re-assigned to different genera, and genera to different families. If you have difficulty finding the species you are interested in, consider using the World Spider Catalog with its extensive lists of synonyms.

After the name of a species in this list, there is an indication of the states (USA) and provinces (Canada) where the species has been reported. Many species distributions are poorly known, so these lists may be incomplete. Don’t be too surprised if you find a species in a state or province that is not listed. If you do detect such a situation, you should consider reporting your record and perhaps submitting a voucher specimen to a museum collection for that region.

For each family, there is a downloadable document and pdf. Just click on the appropriate link.

See also corrections for the families with many changes in Kaston's Spiders of Connecticut and How to Know the Spiders

Spiders of Connecticut rev. ed. 1981 document pdf

How to Know the Spiders 1978 3rd Edition document pdf



Agelenidae document pdf

Amaurobiidae document pdf

Amphinectidae document pdf

Anapidae document pdf

Antrodiaetidae document pdf

Anyphaenidae document pdf

Araneidae document pdf

Atypidae document pdf

Caponiidae document pdf

Cithaeronidae document pdf

Clubionidae document pdf

Corinnidae document pdf

Ctenidae document pdf

Ctenizidae document pdf

Cybaeidae document pdf

Cyrtaucheniidae document pdf

Deinopidae document pdf

Desidae document pdf

Dictynidae document pdf

Diguetidae document pdf

Dipluridae document pdf

Dysderidae document pdf

Euctenizidae document pdf

Eutichuridae document pdf

Filistatidae document pdf

Gnaphosidae document pdf

Hahniidae document pdf

Hersiliidae document pdf

Homalonychidae document pdf

Hypochilidae document pdf

Leptonetidae document pdf

Linyphiidae document pdf

Liocranidae document pdf

Lycosidae document pdf

Mecicobothriidae document pdf

Mimetidae document pdf

Miturgidae document pdf

Mysmenidae document pdf

Nemesiidae document pdf

Nesticidae document pdf

Ochyroceratidae document pdf

Oecobiidae document pdf

Oonopidae document pdf

Oxyopidae document pdf

Philodromidae document pdf

Pholcidae document pdf

Phrurolithidae document pdf

Pimoidae document pdf

Pisauridae document pdf

Plectreuridae document pdf

Prodidomidae document pdf

Salticidae document pdf

Scytodidae document pdf

Segestriidae document pdf

Selenopidae document pdf

Sicariidae document pdf

Sparassidae document pdf

Symphytognathidae document pdf

Telemidae document pdf

Tetragnathidae document pdf

Theraphosidae doument pdf

Theridiidae document pdf

Theridiosomatidae document pdf

Thomisidae document pdf

Titanoecidae document pdf

Trachelidae document pdf

Trechaleidae document pdf

Trogloraptoridae document pdf

Uloboridae document pdf

Zodariidae document pdf

Zoropsidae document pdf

Kaston 1978 corrections

Kaston 1981 "Spiders of Connecticut" corrections

North American Spiders Checklist Committee

List of State and Province two-letter abbreviations