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Header Images: Opilionid by Joe Warfel, Lynx Spider by Brian Reynolds, Lasiochernes cretonatus Pseudoscorpion by Anonymous.

AAS Publications

Journal of Arachnology (JoA)

The Journal of Arachnology (ISSN 0160-8202), a publication devoted to the study of Arachnida, is published three times each year by the American Arachnological Society. Subscriptions accompany society membership or may be purchased by institutions (press here for membership/subscription information).

All issues of JoA are available on-line.

American Arachnology

American Arachnology is the official newsletter of the American Arachnological Society and is distributed biannually to members of the society.

Items for the newsletter should be sent to the Editor, Alan Cady, Dept. Zoology, Miami University, 4200 E. University Blvd. Middletown OH, 45042, USA / Phone 513-727-3258 / Fax 513-727-3450 / Email cadyab@muohio.edu

AAS Books and Guides

Cover of Spiders of North America

Spiders of North America -- An Identification Manual

Edited by Darrell Ubick, Pierre Paquin, Paula E. Cushing, & Vince Roth. Original drawings by Nadine Dupérré


General information

This beautifully illustrated guide to the spider genera of North America, north of Mexico, provides over 1400 illustrations and keys to the genera in 68 spider families. Over 550 genera are included.

The 8.5 X 11" spiral bound manual contains 72 chapters and a wealth of information, including:

Please note that this is not a photo-ID guide to spiders; it is intended to aid in accurate identification and to do this one must become familiar with some of the details of spider morphology. To aid in this, a guide to morphology used in classification is provided. The information on spider biology and identification make this guide especially suitable for serious amateurs and professionals.

To Order, please purchase from booksellers such as:

(At both of the websites just listed you can view some pages of the guide.)

Cover of Common Spiders of North America


Common Spiders of North America

by Richard Bradley (Author) and Steve Buchanan (Illustrator)



Members: besure and use the AAS member discount code (30% off!) you should have received in an email. http://www.ucpress.edu/book.php?isbn=9780520274884



Common Names of Arachnids (2003) (pdf)